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We provide smart solutions to your complex problems in high quality and with commitment.

Why choose us?

The skilled professionals of AmTal Technologies have the potential to boost your business performance by figuring out the effective solutions. We have the aptitude to form strategic connections with our clients and facilitate them to implement the vital IT solutions without being diversified from their core business concerns.

What we do?

We believe that journey to success is incomplete without planning and confidence. So, before gazing up the stairs, we ensure to stepping planning and analysis up first. AmTal Technologies is a trustworthy firm in providing services ranging from software development to outsourcing dedicated IT resources. We invest in our People, Knowledge and Technology to deliver robust and innovative solutions that meet exacting standards of quality.

Our Vision

Aims are like wheels of a vehicle which cannot be reached to its destination without the fuel of planning. We at AmTal Technologies focus on delivering high-end technology solutions on which our client can always rely on, using a technology base that is both state of the art and highly standardized. Our planning is completely based on agile methodology.


Following are the key services AmTal Technologies has on offer for you.

Business Applications

AmTal Technologies specialize in bespoke Business applications that take your business to another level where you don't worry on spending time on processes, but rather focus on Business growth. We deal with all kinds of bespoke solutions ranging from a simple website to complex data analysis solutions and that too very specific to your Business after doing detailed analysis. We have recently delivered Purchase order system, Job Management system, Invoicing system, Admin portal for Data import export and tracking and many more. Get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to propose a solution that best fits your Business.

Cloud Services

With the emergence of cloud services and the benefits that comes with it, companies are keen to migrate their on premise service to cloud effectively and efficiently or build their new services on the cloud. At AmTal Technologies we consider cloud as our default option for development. We have strong and proven expertise in Azure cloud services including but not limited to Azure App Services, Azure Storage , Azure compute services, IoT services, Integration services, workflows etc.

Software Consultancy

Software applications drive a company's business processes — but the challenges of supporting huge and complex application environments are increasing. AmTal Technologies has the solution for it. AmTal Technologies offers a wide spectrum of services to satisfy your needs. Through our services, we revolutionize software development, maintenance and support to align IT investments with a client’s strategic imperatives, which can reduce costs by as much as 60% to 75% percent. Our proven use of Agile methodologies ensure that the work products and services are delivered in a timely manner and with excellent quality. We provide both onshore and off shore resources depending on the needs and costs without compromising on quality.

Systems Integration

AmTal Technologies has great experience with integration projects. Following cloud first strategy, we use Azure itnegration service components to build the integration services that give us great flexibility and reduce the build time. The bespoke processes may range from point to point integration to publisher and subscriber models. Our team can help you automate various business cases by providing a tailored solution for your business. It can by as simple as reading a file from FTP, validating it, transforming it and saving it to your on premise of cloud database or passing on to another external or internal API, an API to API integration or any other scenario. Please contact us if you have any other scenario and we will more than happy to help.

Web Portals

Current situation with Covid-19 is the best situation to understand the need of a web portal instead of a desktop application or a manual system, where your office is closed but you still can login from anywhere and connect to your system and perform your duties. AmTal Technologies has several very happy customers who have received successful delivery of a vast variety of web portals including eCommerce systems, Business applications and workflows, recruitment systems, Invoicing systems and many more. We have migrated quite a few desktop applications to web platform and quite a few of them are migrated to the cloud.

DevOps Services

We have vast experience when it comes to providing Azure DevOps consulting services to all types of businesses, both start-ups and well-established organisations. By delivering value in a unique way, we drive business growth. We have our custom processes for Continuous integration and releases. We have great experience for Azure services deployment as well which will help your developers not worry about deployment to any environment at all and they can focus on their core development and leave the build and releases on us.

Our Clients

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